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Recap of 2014 : Hello 2015!

Another year has come and gone just like that. And I have to say 2014 is not really a good year for me. Same as always, lots of ups and downs over the 365 days but leaning more to the bad side for 2014 I guess. Not having a good year in studies again which is really depressing. Still have to be positive, work hard and better things will come soon. Hahaha. As usual, this post is gonna be a recap of 2014's memories that are worth mentioning, be it good or bad memories.

Here it goes,

Lost my dog Max due to illness

This was actually a long story and to lose a dog as loyal and gentle as him is devastating to me and my family. Max was one of four puppies that Jody delivered. We raised him from a day old puppy to a full grown 4 year old dog. He was the gentlest dog you will ever seen despite his size and loyal as heck. He was a good dog. An awesome one infact :)

This started out as a simple illness (tick fever) that could be treated easily to a life threatening disease. Because of a kind of tick fever disease he couldn't walk because his joints was swollen and painful so he had to lie down most of the time. The only way to beat this disease was to get a blood transfusion from another dog but we couldn't find one. So we just had to feed him vitamins and high protein food in order to replenish the iron in his blood. I actually thought he was getting better before I have to fly back to KL for my studies and from there, there's nothing I could do but get news everyday from my parents who did all they could to take care of him. 

One day, he just couldn't move and his jaws keep on close and open as he couldn't control it anymore. His immune system was so weak from the tick fever that he has contracted distemper, which was at its final stage where the virus has attacked the brain and nervous system. So there's really nothing that we can do anymore but the last resort which was to euthanized him. I decided to fly back to Kuching just to be with him as we had decided to put Max to sleep in order to ease his suffering. It was the right thing to do and it was one of the hardest thing I had to do, believe me. But I'm glad I flew back to Kuching to do this. I know people would say it's stupid to do that just for a dog. But this dog is part of my family and I believe all dog lovers would understand. Being with him from beginning till the end, that's all that matters to me. He's family.

 Hope you're doing well in doggie paradise buddy. :,)

 Lost my cat, BB.

As if losing Max is not bad enough then about a month later this happens. :(

He went missing early in the year of 2014 and till this day he never returned, so yeah. Gotta accept the facts and moved on. He was a good cat and well shit happens. There would always be a place for him in my heart. :) For the full story of how I got him and everything, click here and here.

 What a douchey cat. Miss him.

Witness the blooming of the Silk Cotton tree for the first time.

One of the most beautiful and iconic tree in Kuching and the blooming? or is it the shedding of cotton? I don't know what's the correct terminology for this thing. LOL! It was awesome though, it was as if it's snowing in Kuching for a moment, white cotton balls are everywhere in the field and people were picking it up, I don't know for what, to stuff a pillow casing would be my guess. haha. And this doesn't happen every year as well which makes this even cooler.

 The cotton tree. The root was as tall as me. No kidding.

Had a wonderful time at Kuching Festival 2014. 

Played the fair games there and ended up winning a penguin plushie. Also had a great hangout with all the bloggers peeps. Pretty awesome. :)

Penguins and an excited cat. :)

Had the chance to see Wang Lee Hom's concert.

Thanks to a very kind hearted lady who decided to give me and my friend her tickets. We were so surprised and of course happy that we can go in to watch the concert instead of just standing outside of the venue to listen, which was the original plan. haha

Taken with Iphone4S. Shitty quality but can hear enough la. XD

Went for a Halloween thingy for the first time.

I love love love haunted houses and ghost stories. But anything to do with heights, BYE! LOL
Here's the post of the event.

Nice costume!

# 7
Had a moment of coffee craze.

No ragrets. It was fun while it last but gonna lessen the coffee drinking for 2015 because it was so damn expensive after a while. Still will go once in a while of course. lol


Went to Penang

It was not for the first time but the last time I was at Penang was when I was 13 years old. So yeah I would still categorize this as visiting Penang for the first time. haha. It was truly a beautiful and magnificent place. It's like Kuching 2.0, I absolutely love this place and if I get to choose to live anywhere else in Penang permanently, Penang would definitely be my first choice. Good food and good people and a beautifully preserved heritage city, can't get any better than that. Would definitely visit it again as soon as I can just to eat the good food there. :)

 Hi there. :)

Went to Zoo Negara for the first time

I know I know, how can I, as a Malaysian went to Zoo Negara for the first time when I was 24 years old? In my defense, years ago Zoo Negara had a really bad rep from difficulty of getting public transportation to the rumour that the animals in the zoo were poorly treated. But because of the improvement of public transportation in Kuala Lumpur, we can get there pretty easily and for a reasonable price as well now. From my experience, the animals there were very well taken care of. Which is a good good thing, nobody wanted to pay and see poorly taken care of animals in the zoo. It's a good zoo I have to say, although there's always room for improvements. hahaha!

I actually really liked the photo frame. Good job Zoo Negara!

Met Boey Cheeming, the author of When I was a Kid series.

Got all 3 books signed by him and he was a pretty cool guy. haha! Big fan of his books, if you have never read it, go get one copy now!

That's a nice shirt he got on. lol

Celebrated Christmas 2014 and New Year with my family this year. Simple but awesome as usual. :)

2014 was a pretty uneventful year for me. As for 2015, I would hope to have a smooth sailing years in my studies as well as in life in general, in every aspects. I don't really have a resolution this year, but if I have to make one I would say I hope to be a better person than I was in 2014. Be more outgoing and social. lol. Newsflash : I'm antisocial. XD! It's true. Sigh. Yeah, that's all I'm wishing for in 2015, for my family and closest friends to be healthy and successful in everything. 

I hope it's not too late to say......
Happy New Year 2015 Everyone and Have an Awesome Year ahead! :D

Ending the post with a picture of Damai Beach. Chillax~~

Till next time! :)

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