Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Coconut Ice Cream @ Jalan Alor, Kuala Lumpur.

I scream for ice cream and you scream for ice cream and everybody scream for ice cream! Who doesn't like ice cream huh? Well I'm sure there is someone out there who doesn't fancy ice cream. Understandable, because I'm not really crazy about ice cream nowadays. I mean I don't have the craving for sweets, perhaps I'm getting old. Not saying old people doesn't have sweet tooth, generally they don't. HAHA! But this ice cream, the Coconut Ice Cream, I have a soft spot for it. I love love love coconut ice cream. It's so gooood and refreshing. 

So, while deciding what to eat for our dinner (my sis and I), we saw there's some people crowding around a little stall near a vietnamese restaurant. Which is what we're thinking of having for dinner on that day. And that stalls happen to sell coconut ice cream, looking from the amount of people who's actually queuing to buy these stuff, it must be good. And we bought it and it was indeed delicious!

 Real coconut ice cream. Not fake.lol

A closer look at their menu

 Nice image I gotta say. 

It's not what I would say cheap but considering the fact that this was being sold at Jalan Alor, the pricing doesn't surprise me. It's 'reasonable' pricing for food sold at this tourist spots.

 CUP                - RM6.90
CONE            - RM2.90
(Incase you couldn't read the pricing from the image above)

The ice cream was made from the milk/juice of the coconut which is cracked open and drained in front of you while the coconut shell is made into a bowl to put your ice cream in. That's a nice little touch I have to say, I like it. Basically the Signature is 5 scoops of ice cream scooped into the coconut shell bowl which contains some coconut flesh. It's Pandan Coconut and not the normal one and this type of coconut is more fragrant and creamier than the normal one with a hint of Pandan taste. Hence the name Pandan coconut, it should be renamed to Awesome Coconut instead because it taste absolutely awesome and heavenly. Trust me, once you've had pandan coconut, you wouldn't want to even look at, let alone eat the normal coconut anymore. 

The coconut shell/bowl.

We ordered the Signature and we were told we could add any toppings from the selections of toppings offered on our ice cream bowl. You can add as many as you like too. Okay, got it. I registered it as "Add as much toppings as you can!", free what, might as well. :D

 The 'naked' coconut ice cream. 

And the toppings that we can choose from : 


There's corn, cornflakes, peanuts,nestums, red beans, kerisik (grated coconut flesh and roasted and grinded), chocolate sauce, and some other things I can't remember.

 Voila! The ice cream with toppings. 

I added lots of peanut and corns because I think those 2 would go really well with coconut ice cream especially peanuts. And it does. LOL! The ice cream is smooth, creamy and full of coconut flavor. It's definitely a treat and when you're at Jalan Alor next time, be sure to visit this ice cream stall, it's worth it. :)

 You want? Mmmmm~ So goood~

And this is what we ate that night. It was okay, nothing to shout about although I do really like the noodles with fried spring rolls. Yummy. The ice cream stall is located right beside this Vietnamese restaurant which is....uh...somewhere at Jalan Alor. You can't miss the ice cream stall, don't worry. lol

It's good.

That's it for today! Till next time. Have a great day! :D


  1. I screaaaammmm!!! Ice creeaaammmm!!!!! Looks soooo yummeehhhh!!!!

    1. Stop screaming Khairool! I will buy you an ice cream next time!! Stop!! XD


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