Saturday, February 7, 2015

GSC Nu Sentral Free Movie Day!..

.....IS OVER. (days ago..)

Just in case you thought there is still free movie screening happening there. lol. If you missed it, too bad, gotta pay for your movie tickets now. :D 

Basically, a week ago, there was free screening of movies at the newly opened Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) Nu Sentral. All you do was print the voucher online,bring it to the cinema and exchange it for 2 free tickets for the movie of your choice. There's a few good movies that were offered for example, Interstellar, The Maze Runner, Guardians of the Galaxy and Big Hero 6. As I've watched almost all of them except the animation movies, I was planning to go catch Big Hero 6 because, well I haven't seen it yet. 

Then I realised that it was a 3D screening which I'm not totally fond of, hence I have a backup plan, which is Plan B - Guardians of the Galaxy, Plan C - Interstellar and Plan D - Whatever else that's available except the uh..Chinese and Bollywood movie. Not my cup of tea. Gotta have backup plans especially when there's free stuff offered. There's plenty of 'kiasu' people like me in Malaysia. It's our culture what. haha Why give up free stuff right? 

 Lonnnggg line of queue. Expected.

When I got there, there's more people than I expected although there's no surprise there. Luckily I reached there like 10 mins earlier because by the time I got the tickets, there was a long line of people behind me. Phew~  The staff were friendly and courteous as well as efficient in handling so many people. Thumbs up.

Left Behind indeed.

So yeah, most of the good movies that I originally wanted to re-watched again has shitty seats, so I decided to watch Left Behind which still has some good seats left. I know this movie has bad ratings and reviews but I thought, how bad can it get right? After all Nicolas Cage and Chad Michael Murray is in this. What could go wrong right? Besides, I've never watched this before, kinda win-win situation I figured.

It was way worse than I thought it would be. I swear I wanted to leave the movie hall at least 5 times while watching the movie. It's like the worst movie I've ever seen in cinema and until now I can't believe I've wasted my 2 hours watching that piece of crap they call a thriller action movie. Now this movie has some religious elements so I won't touch on that, it was more of the over the top, stupid plot and shitty background music and shitty acting and yeah you got it, EVERYTHING about this movie is dumb as heck. I can't believe Nicolas Cage and CMM actually act in this movie. Sigh. To sum it all up, this movie is like a Hallmark movie plus cheesy scripts plus blonde saving people action which is impossible plus stupid humour which I find not humorous at all. Ugh, just thinking of the movie makes me sick to my stomach. Rant end. Thriller? More like bad comedy. Yuck. Nicolas Cage might be the reason as to why I stayed to watch till the end, just out of my respect for him. lol Alright rant ended for real.

Well can't say I was not warned, I did check the rating of the movie in IMDB. Oh well.

If the rating is less than 5, for the love of God, avoid the movie. Should have learned my lesson after watching Annabelle. I think 3/10 is a reasonable rating. 

I think this movie was left behind in the 90's hence the title Left Behind. Not saying 90's movie is bad but it has the same element of cheesy plot/scripts as well as filming style. Don't get me started on the soundtrack of the movie. 

On the other hand, the cinema is great. Clean, new seats( awesome) and everything that a cinema should be like. No complains there, it was all gooood. Lot's of concession stands and friendly staff. One thing surprised me, the movie actually started ON TIME which is like fantastic. I've never seen them screen the movie so punctually. LOL When they say 5:20PM, they mean 5:20PM, none of those commercial crap in other cinemas. XD

This was half gone by the time the movie started. Popcorn, why you so addictive?

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  1. argh...i went there...too many people....cant get tickets :(


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