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Adventures In Singapore Part 1 : Bugis Street and Clarke Quay

It's time to blog about this. This has been sitting in my draft for A YEAR. I'm taking procrastination to a whole new level. O.o So, here we go! Last two year's Singapore trip is still fresh in my mind and I missed every moment of it and hope I can visit the lovely country again soon. :)

Ah...Singapore...I have been wishing to visit this country since I was young and my wish was fulfilled somewhere around Christmas last year. Perfect Christmas gift and this was only the second time I've been to Singapore. The last time I was there I was only 8 years old and in contrary to my age, I actually don't remember that much about the trip. All I could remember was eating some kind of porridge , which later I found out was Teochew Style Porridge with the stewed beans and stuff, and having some 'fancy' Mcdonald's Breakfast, which was a big deal when you're a kid. Other than that, I remember eating A & W at the zoo as well as being shirtless while watching an animal show in the zoo. The good old days of parenting, if your child is sweating and the day is exceptionally hot, just take off her shirt in front of hundreds of people. -.- ....and I didn't even care at the time. Awesome days indeed. Basically that's all I remembered from the first Singapore trip, lame really. 

So the second time around I was really excited because it's practically a foreign country for me to explore and everything would look fascinating. Woohoo! And also not to mention there's Universal Studio Singapore and Singapore Zoo. *wink wink* I love Zoooooo~~ and Singapore Zoo is one of the best in the world. Double awesome. 

Here we go~

We bought the tickets to Singapore when there's a promotion by AirAsia and it was a good deal so we decided, instead of going to KL for vacation annually, this year we're gonna change it up and try Singapore. We heard the Christmas decor there is even more extravagant than at KL and that's true. It's really beautiful there during the holiday season and the sales there are also really 'beautiful'. Although the conversion rate is a killer. So yeah, that's the downside of visiting Singapore if you're a Malaysian. Thanks to AirAsia for the promotion! Please do more promo soon so I can go Singapore again. lol

Plane's window. 

Singapore is just a short flight away from Kuching. It was only a 1 hour 20 minutes flight which is nearer than the flight to Kuala Lumpur. As usual AirAsia is very punctual and everything went smoothly. The flight attendants were all friendly and courteous in this flight. Personally I prefer the magazine provided in AirAsia flight than any other domestic airlines, just because there's usually a lot of information provided and it's just fun and entertaining to read. Aside from the price of the tickets, the magazine Travel 360 is the reason why I chose AirAsia. And I'm being honest here, not kissing butt. :D Of course there's the downside of using AirAsia as well but they've improved so much recently that I just can't fault them. The only thing I hate about using AirAsia was the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) because it's uncomfortable, but now that they've move to KLIA2, it's all gooooood. 

Singapore Airport is awesome! Reminds me of the time I've been to Hong Kong Airport. 

(Sakai pictures of Singapore Airport ahead)

The escalator. XD

Another escalator. XD

My dad with the Arrival sign. Dad was the most excited among us to go Singapore. :)

Immigration Area.

After the Immigration Area. XD

LOL! Told you there would be a lot of sakai and lame pics of Singapore Airport. haha! Just upload for fun. I like to see pics than read anyway. I'm sure most of you won't read what I've wrote also la, like just scroll and look at the pictures. lol!

Where Did I Stay?

One of the main problem in having a vacation at Singapore is not the flight tickets but rather the accommodation. This is because of the conversion rate from RM to Singapore Dollar (SGD) is rather...taxing. 1 SGD is RM2.57, which is very high and the hotel there are not cheap either. I believe one of the most affordable hotels there are those Hotel 81 that's everywhere in Singapore. We opt for an apartment room instead as we figure it's more reasonable, spacious and worth it for 3 person to stay in. So we stayed at People's Park Complex which was located right in the heart of Singapore's Chinatown. The room was alright, clean and spacious, nothing to brag about really. Just a place to relax and sleep while we're exploring Singapore. HAHA.

After settling down everything, we decided to head on to Orchard Road for a walkabout. We hailed a taxi and off we go. We asked the taxi driver to bring us to one of the largest shopping malls in Singapore and he brought us to Takashimaya. We were like "Okay!". After all we don't know anything about Singapore anyway. The taxi driver was very friendly and chatty. lol. The good thing about Takashimaya is that it's located in the middle of Orchard Road so we can just walk to every other shopping malls from there according to him.

Another thing I really love about Singapore is the TAXI Service. Oh my god. There's no haggling and they can't turn the customer down no matter how short the distance of the trip. That's like so awesome and so professional. I wish the government in Malaysia could implement the same rules to the taxi driver here as well then maybe KL wouldn't be such a lame city to live in. Nothing against my own country, just that getting a taxi in KL sometimes is such a frustrating thing to do. Out of 5 taxi most probably 3 will try to quote a price and evade from using the meter system. Not all of the taxi drivers in KL is bad though, some were really nice, honest and courteous people. But some would try to haggle which is annoying and frankly, unprofessional. Thanks to MyTeksi App, we don't have to deal with this s*** anymore most of the time. But then again, how many foreigner would know about MyTeksi App and would even use it? They're the one who would bring back the words to their friends and family in their country and one bad taxi experience is enough to cause bad rep and image to our country. Oh well, one of the 'beauty' of the city of Kuala Lumpur. lol. To avoid this, try MyTeksi App. :D 

I would like to say this again, not all taxi drivers in KL are scumbags, some are awesome awesome people making a honest living. :)

(Click on the link provided to download the app on Itunes or Android)

Orchard Road.

Orchard Road is a 2.2km long boulevard that is the retail and entertainment hub of Singapore. It's basically where all the main shopping malls are located and one of Singapore's attraction. In other words, if you're a tourist, this is one of the place you would wanna go. It's awesome there, kinda like a better version of KL's Bukit Bintang where it's cleaner, safer (nobody would ask you to go for massage. haha) and the Christmas decoration there is UNBELIEVABLE. They literally go crazy with Christmas decor there I tell you, like everywhere you went neon lights, Christmas tree, Christmas songs and etc. I LOVE IT! Mainly because the holiday season is my favourite time of the year.

Not a good picture to illustrate how awesome the decor there really. Oh well I forgot to take pics in the midst of my shopping. 

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! <3 nbsp="">

The sales there is like heaven for the female species. I bought a good quality jean for only like RM40 and honestly that's the only thing I bought because the rest of the budget is for food and entertainment (USS and Zoo!). I can always shop in KL.haha. If it's for shopping I think KL is still better than Singapore. For Malaysian anyway, you gotta choose the items with care because after converting some of the clothes there are actually more expensive than you can get in KL. Shopping is not the main point in a vacation also la, better spend the money for experience and create memories rather than material stuff. 

In one of the shopping malls.

I can't remember any of the names of the shopping malls in Singapore to save my life other than Takashimaya. I only remembered that because that's the first we went. There's a lot of malls along the stretch of Orchard Road. 

Buy 1 free 1 Starbucks to end Day 1 of our Singapore trip. Damn sweet. 

Day 2

Let me just tel you first, the blog post related to Singapore trip would have a lot of FOOD pictures in it because well we love to eat and one of our mission at Singapore is eat as much varieties of food as we can while we're there. So if you're wondering why there's a lot of food pictures, this is why. Plus Singapore is also popular for their food, what else to do if you're not here to do this. I believe the best way to get to know a city is through first through their cuisine and the rest after. XD. We're the kind of family where when we're eating lunch, we would be thinking about what to eat for dinner. And by that I mean my sister only. HAHA! I'm gonna get pummeled. Yikes.

The first thing we did in Day 2 was to look for the place where they served Teochew Porridge. My dad wants it, my dad's gonna get it. lol. I don't remember where's the place but it's somewhere in Chinatown. There's a joke that my dad told me about the teochew people and porridge. I find it really funny so I'll share it with you guys. He said Teochew people really likes porridge and give them something salty such as salted fish or salted vege and three bowls of porridge would be gone after they have just a bite of the salty side's funnier told in real life anyway. lol. It has something to do with the way they eat porridge. If you've seen it you'll know why, they practically slurp down half a bowl of porridge after a bite of let's say salted duck egg. Alright, lame joke. lol

Teochew Style Porridge

Everything is homecooked and fresh and delicious. Perfect way to start the day. There's a lot of side dishes offered here as you can see from the pic above. And also a variety of condiments/sauces to go with it. There's also the braised sauce which is basically a thicker version of the broth that they used to braised their porks and ducks. The perfectly steamed squid also come with an amazing dipping sauce. Simple meal but taste awesome. Singapore has a lot of Teochew people there so this food can still be widely found there whereas in Kuching there's hardly a store that sell this kind of Teochew style porridge. There is Teochew Porridge in Kuching of course but the side dishes are not as many as the one offered in Singapore. 

Then we head to Singapore IKEA to see if its different from KL IKEA. Just for fun. :)

Yummy IKEA meals.

Turns out there's not much difference so we went to the food court to try their world famous Swedish Meatballs and also again to see if their menu differs from ours. Yeah we do lame stuff like this. lol. I don't know if IKEA Malaysia do this but the IKEA there offered a free jar of baby food for babies. Cool. The food taste a little different, the chicken wings is especially good there. Weird. The Swedish Meatballs at IKEA Malaysia seems to be not as tasty as it used to be anymore. Maybe because I've eaten too much of it hence it's not as delicious anymore. Hmmmm. Oh and the cake is delicious as well, I don't know what cake it is but it's scrumptious.

The next stop is Bugis Street another tourist attraction in Singapore. It's known as the largest street shopping location in Singapore. It was alright, there's lots of souvenirs sold there and some food as well. But mostly it's just a lot of stalls selling clothes and more clothes. Oh did I mention souvenirs? There's lots in there, from chocolate to shirt to keychains to fridge magnets to well everything you can think off, they got it covered.

Sis and Dad in front of Bugis Street.

Interior of Bugis Street.

Local snacks as souvenirs?

Another view of how it looks like in there.

It's not one of favourite place in Singapore that I've visited that's for sure. There's nothing special in there for me to see I guess. Oh well, atleast I've seen the place. Moving on! We then went to Albert Centre Market & Food Centre which was located somewhere near Bugis and we heard there's a really good Fried Carrot Cake stall there. A kind Singaporean guy actually showed us the way to this hawker centre because we had trouble finding this place. Not sure if its this hawker centre or another different one but there's one eating place where a person showed us the way. lol. 

Eating time again! :D

Fried Carrot Cake Stall

I'd googled the best fried carrot cake or "cha kueh" in Singapore and this stall is recommended as one of the best one there. So naturally, we must order a plate of this! There was a long line as well when we were there, another sign that the food must be good. Die die also must try! 

Besides that, we also ordered the Nasi Lemak. I've been craving Singapore style Nasi Lemak ever since I watched a Singapore TV show called Holland V. In the show, the family own a successful Nasi Lemak shop in Holland V and it looks so goood. One of the best Singapore show that I've watched. The other one is Little Nyonya and Jeanette Aw is awesome in both of them. Say what you want, Singapore film industry is obviously better than Malaysian ones. Just being honest here, I find their show more entertaining and interesting. Just being honest here.

Nasi Lemak with all the fixings, Yums.

I love this nasi lemak. The rice were fragrant and fluffy and the sambal (sauce) was good as well.  There's also fried chicken wing and luncheon meat. From what I remembered this doesn't cost much at all. It's cheap and filling and good. :)

The fried carrot cake

However I can't say the same for the fried carrot cake. I think the Cha Kueh in Kuching is so so much better. Sorry to say this but the fried carrot cake I had there was practically tasteless but it was filling la. Kuching has a really good Cha Kueh stalls at Kenyalang Hawker Centre. It was the best I've tried and my favourite was the one fried with the sweet sauce. There's sweet and salty version and both of them were really really good. If you're from Kuching and you've never tried it, please do me and your mouth a favour and go to Kenyalang Hawker Centre, look for the Cha Kueh stall there and gorge in some awesome food. There's one stall in Pentanak as well but lately the quality of the cha kueh is not the same (probably because it's not the same person who fried it) so better just go to the one at Kenyalang.


Pretty good. I like it. Yummy. :)

After this we went to Clarke Quay. Clarke Quay is a historical riverside quay in Singapore and situated upstream from the mouth of Singapore River. It's a really beautiful place to visit in the evening and there's lots of restaurants and nightclubs here as well. River cruises on the Singapore River is one of the popular tourist attractions and can be accessed from here. It's really easy to get to Clarke Quay. Just take the MRT and head on to Clarke Quay MRT Station. Singapore's public transportation is really easy to use, convenient and efficient as well. Not to mention safe. That's another perks of Singapore, awesome public transportation. The bus are really easy to use as well, unlike KL buses. (I had bad experience using public bus in

Clarke Quay

Mi Padre. I love the background here.

Mi hermana the bitch. lol! Kidding sis.

Me la.

We hung around there and enjoy the view for awhile. Beautiful place to just relax and hangout. I love places like this.

I love this shot. :) Coming from my crappy camera. Not bad.

It's getting darker and the lighting around the place turns the view into something completely different from earlier. Day view or night view, they're both spectacular.

View from the bridge.

Street Performer. Cool.

Cross the bridge and you'll get to the other side where all the restaurants, bars and nightclubs are located. The other side where we come from is Clarke Quay Central which is a shopping mall. There's plenty to see here at Clarke Quay and it's a good place to have dinner as well. We didn't though because we just came from eating and besdes, the price of the food here is way too expensive for us. Just a walkabout it is.

Checking out the area.


It has always been one of my wish to visit this restaurant. Hooters is an American restaurant and this is the first International outlet as well as the 1st outlet opened in Asia. Two reasons as to why I would like to go to this restaurant, one, the food, heard they made some of the best buffalo wings there is and two, to check out if the waitress there is really like how they're always depicted in movies. It's just curiosity, I mean this restaurant would never have an outlet in Malaysia. If you know what I mean. ;) Not this trip, next trip perhaps.

Clarke Quay at night.

Picture of us at the Bridge. I love love this picture.

That ends Day 2 of our Singapore Trip. Thanks for reading and more to come! 

Till next time! Have a nice day y'all. :)

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