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Chinese New Year 2015 : A Goat Year. Mekk~

It's that "tongtolongtongchiang" time again of the year where the single and unmarried people benefits the most if you know what I mean. *wink wink* But from my astute and keen (pukes) observation, it's the children that gets the most 'benefit' during this time of the year. In fact some kids even haul around their fully stuffed bag full of ang pows while yelling 'Gong Xi Fa Cai, hungpow na lai!' (Happy New Year, give me a red packet : rough translation) at people to give them even more ang pows. And they usually will get it. In a way it's kinda like treat or trick chinese style, and instead of candies, it's money. Ahh~ It's good to be kids. However, most of the red packets that were collected by the kids would usually be handed to their parents with the promise that it would be kept safely on behalf of them. In most cases, they would never see those red packets anymore. lol #wtfdidijustwrite 

Anyway this year's Chinese New Year fell on the 19th of February and it's the year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram (not sure which one it is but whatever, they all belong in the same species anyway.haha)

Must have decoration during CNY

Most houses who celebrates CNY will have a basket similar to the picture above as a decor in their house. And it's usually filled with pomelo, oranges, pineapples , 'Nian Gao' and red packets. All of them basically symbolise the hope of increase in wealth in the new year. And it looks pretty awesome too no? Well, maybe not mine.

Cute goat.

We don't do open houses because there's too much hassle in doing that but we do celebrate CNY. We're Chinese after all. XD 

Red everywhere.

Had a good time at the reunion dinner at my uncle's house this year and met some of my cousin's kids. It was pretty fun to listen to all of my aunties discussing stuff. It's like watching a comedy show. Yeah, so that basically what reunion dinner is, all of the relatives gather in one place, eat good food and joke around.

The Sims

Me and Danielle, who is one of my cousin's daughter. Cute kid.

Chinese New Year is also the time to eat as much as we can with no guilt.  On the account that when we visit somebody's house, the host will keep on asking you to 'Eat eat eat and drink drink drink' and to respect the host we would always answer ' yes yes yes' and  so we eat eat eat. And the best part is we get to eat junk food all day long. Woohoo! Well. I eat like crazy whole year round anyway so this rule doesn't apply to me. haha! And also drink all the Shandy! How to lose weight like this?

Recycled picture of reunion dinner at my home two years ago.

Food that will be typically served during reunion dinner which is the night before CNY is as shown above. And out of all I love the Ngoh Hiang (Five Spiced Meat Roll) the most. And usually after the dinner, most household in Kuching who celebrate CNY would start the 'bombing' and would let off as many firecracker/firework as they possibly can. The louder the better as well. This time of the year is also the worst time for dogs and hence a lot of pet dogs would go missing because of the loud noises. This is exactly what happened to one of my dog and thankfully she came back after a couple of days. THANKFULLY. 

Foods that were usually served.  I love the seaweed thingy (so addictive) and kuih sepit. Yums~

We don't usually 'open house' during CNY because we have too many pet dogs at home hence our house smell like pet shop to some people who are not used to the smell. I can understand that, and that's why we don't do it, plus there's too much hassle and we're lazy. haha However we do open house sometimes, just not every year. Whenever we feel like it I guess. XD But we still go around visiting other people's open house. Free food! hahaha

My sis in a red cheongsam. 

Basically Chinese New Year is also a time where the girls have the excuse to buy and show off as many dress as possible. Open your Facebook or Instagram account and the first thing you'll see during CNY is their #OOTD (Outfit Of The Day) post. Nothing against it, it's just a new trend I think. lol. I just bought whatever clothes that's comfortable and what I would wear the whole year long, I figured no point buying something that I'll wear once only. #OOTD is not my thing as I have no sense of fashion. lol

Visiting with my high school friends.

We've been doing this for about 5 years now I think which is pretty cool. Keep the friendship alive and catching up with each others lives. This picture is taken in the last house that we visit and by this time a lot of people have left already because they have something else to do. And then we remembered that we still haven't taken a group pic before they left. Bummer, oh well, at least we got a pic.

Visiting my old friend, Pung aka Chicken Rice with my sis and Grace. XD

Chicken Rice is one of the many nicknames that I gave him. HAHA! He's one of my oldest friend or maybe the only primary school best friend that I still keep in touch with. And after all these years we're still as close as ever and talking crap like we did in primary school.(You reading this Pung?? Touched or not? HAHA!)

Visiting my Form Six friends which is always awesome.

Same as always, catching up, talking crap, joke around each other and having tons of fun. Everyone went their own separate ways after Form 6 but we still do this every year which is awesome! And this is also the first time I tried to gamble during CNY and I lost RM10+. WTF, what a great start to the year or maybe I'm just a shitty gambler. We played Blackjack and the game is simple enough and I have to admit it's pretty fun. Oh well, lesson learnt, learn how to count cards. haha!

Siblings picture which is a must every year.

Visiting my babysitter/auntie.

Yes, she is my babysitter when I was young but I've always see her as one of my real aunty even though we're not blood related. She is the one who entertain my shenanigans, fed me and took care of me when I was young. And also suffer from not being able to sleep for a week because I was crying too much when my parents left me in her care when I was a baby. As I've been told many many times and then compared to my angelic sister who on the other hand is not as fussy as me. Whatever. More childhood story next time. :D

No idea what I was doing in this picture. Probably downgrading a good red wine by comparing it to the red wine we add in Mee Sua. 

I think I said something like this wine would be great if we add it in a bowl of Mee Sua and then Zac told us it was a 14 year old wine. I obviously don't know how to drink red wine. WTH And we proceed to talk crap. And thanks Zac for not saving the cake you've made for us! XD 

We're still the same after all these years. lol

And that's it. That's how I celebrate my 2015's Chinese New Year. Last but not least.....

ANGPOWS!!!!  Lovely sight during CNY.

Happy Goat Year Everyone and hope you have a Great and Awesome year ahead!

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