Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Cosy In The Rocket Cafe @ Lebuh Pantai, Penang.

Seriously, Penang is filled with cafes! If you like coffee at a warm, cosy and relaxing environment, then Penang you shall go. And explore all the cafes that you wanted. Everywhere I went, a little street off the main road, an alley somewhere, it's guaranteed that there's at least one cafe there. To be honest, I LOVE IT! I especially like finding cafe that has weird names, concept and a bit hidden so that it won't be a tourist trap. Something like only the local would recommend and know about. For example, if you're in Kuching, be sure to visit Black Bean Coffee. With so many modern cafes popping up in Kuching city, I have to admit, old school cafe like Black Bean Coffee is still the best and still my spot to go for a cup of good coffee (pocket friendly too).

And here I was in Cosy in the Rocket. Another quirky and interesting name for a cafe. We're just walking around at Penang when we stumbled upon this cafe. Mind you, it's quite difficult to spot because of the 'vegetation' that was growing wildly in front of the cafe's entrance. 'Vegetation' is not a proper word, I'll just say.....some kind of viney plant thingy. I love the fact that it's not easy to spot though. Mades me wanna go even more. :D 

Cosy in the Rocket Entrance.

Part of the menu displayed outside.

If you don't fancy coffee, they have other beverages as well. Apparently they served really good pasta dishes here, but too bad we didn't get to try it as we're not really hungry. At the time we just wanted to find a place to escape the heat and just have a drink. As stated in the picture above, the pasta costs RM 28+. 

Aside from the No Outside Food and Drink policy, they also have the policy that every customer who goes there HAVE to order something each. For example, three of us went there, hence we have to order three drinks and we can't order just two drinks and share it among us or even if not sharing. Weird policy though but it is the cafe policy. When in Rome right? We ended up ordering 2 Iced Coffee and a Iced Chai Latte or something. Can't remember exactly but one of it is milk tea. haha

Cafe's interior

It's beautiful in there. A nice and spacious place to chill and relax. The environment is really cosy and the natural lighting in there is awesome. Grab your book and laptop and just sit here whole day. Perfect.

The coffee on the other hand is slightly overpriced I have to say. Just being honest here. If I'm not wrong it cost around RM 13+  for the Iced Cafe Latte. Which is pretty expensive compared to other available cafes in Penang. The cafe is located at a place where there's lots of tourist so maybe that's the reason. 

Iced Cafe Latte - Around RM 13+

Iced Chai Latte (right) - Should be around the price of the coffee as well.

All three of the drinks. 

The Menu board. If you can see it. XD

Basically we just sat in there for an hour or more to kill time, we've walked everywhere already by now. Well, 'everywhere' is a strong term, everywhere we wanted to go and also we're lazy to walk in the smouldering heat on that day. Crazy heat, kinda like KL right now. WTH. When it rains, it rains too much, when it's hot, it's too frikkin hot. Annoying. Anyway, just some pictures of us there before I end this post. LOL

Miss Grace
On her phone as usual. If there's Wifi, you will see this girl on her phone updating her Insta or something.

Miss Wendy
What is that picture behind her? lol I just realised it now. HAHAHA! XD Ini Kakak saya.

Miss Me? 
(sorry, please don't puke. haha!)
No description. I'm Lindy.

Some more shots around the cafe. It is a pretty place, arts like everywhere. Even the toilet is artsy fartsy. Get it get it? :D

The toilet. I want my toilet to look like this. 

The Outdoor area.

Another shot of the cafe. 

That's it. Thanks for reading! Till next time. :)

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