Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mugshot Cafe @ Chulia Street, Penang.

If you found yourself in Penang and you're a coffee lover, this cafe is highly recommended not just by me, but a lot of people out there. It's arguably one of the most famous/talk about cafe in George Town, Penang. Chances are if you tell people that you're going to Penang, they would say that this is a must visit, even if you don't like coffee, this is a good place to rest your weary legs from all those walking and sightseeing. They do serve various of beverages besides coffee of course and also snacks. It is also easy to locate, it's somewhere at Chulia Street, just walk around and you'll surely see it or ask the locals. haha

Mugshot Cafe

The exterior of this cafe is beautiful. It's located in a heritage shophouse which offers it's own charms without any need of extravagant decoration. Taking pictures here is a joy because of all the natural lighting there. Instagram lovers, if you like a shot of pretty and clear coffee picture, this is the place. 

Is that a Pterodactyl skeleton? Or Aerodactyl (Pokemon fan will know.haha)

The interior is cosy and rustic with lots of seatings available in various parts of the shophouse. Some area has air conditioner and some doesn't but it doesn't matter in my opinion. Although air conditioned area would be awesome to escape and cool down from the heat outside. Surprisingly, Penang is way hotter than Kuala Lumpur. All in all, it's a relaxing place to relax and hangout for a while after all the walking that we had done. (Yeah right, honestly we walked from Yeng Keng Cafe after having our chicken chop. So all the 'walking' that I mentioned before was really just 10 mins of walking. lol In our defense it was really hot that day, so 10 minutes is like 20 mins kay? XD)

Jars of yogurts with various toppings. RM10 per jar I believe.

They are quite renowned for their yogurts and locally baked bagels. We didn't get to try the yogurt but it does look awesome in the clear little jars with toppings such as gula melaka, fruits and stuff. I didn't take a good look at it! :( They also have cakes and pastries next door in the Rainforest Bakery to go with the drink of your choice. Good collaboration and convenient for the customers as well. Thumbs up. We ordered a couple of drinks and a cream cheese bagel to try.

Latte - RM10

It's good. Good coffee. (Not gonna go into detail on the taste of the coffee. I live by heeding the Hokkien phrase "Kiang lo ho, mai ke kiang" - roughly translated to "It's good to be smart, don't be a smart ass", something like that.) So yeah, it's good coffee, looks pretty too. :)

Iced Black Coffee ordered by Grace. I think it's Long Black or something. 

Forgot how much it cost. Should be roughly RM 9 - RM11. She said it's good and strong. Like a black stallion. Kidding. I added the last part myself. Stallion, isn't that an awesome word. Stallion. Somebody should named a black coffee, Black Stallion. That would be so bad ass. Or a coffee named Bad Ass. Cool~

Everything on the table and that's the Cream Cheese Bagel. RM 5

The Cream Cheese Bagel was awesome and pretty cheap too considering the generous amounts of cream cheese that they slathered in there. The bagel by itself was pretty good. It's dense and chewy, just like any good bagels should be. Somehow I couldn't help but find the similarity between bagel and kompia (Foo Chow Bread/Biscuits.). It taste almost the same and the texture as well. The difference is one is bigger and one is smaller and the techniques in making it as well. Anyway, just an opinion. Both taste the same to me and both is AWESOME! 

Prior to going to this cafe, we stopped at a Nyonya Kueh shop (Moh Teng Pheow Nyonya Kuih) nearby and bought some kueh to eat. So basically it's outside food but the cafe is kind enough to allowed us to eat it there. HAHA! Nobody told us anything so I take it we can bring it there to eat. Another thumbs up. Most cafes doesn't allowed outside food to be brought into their place. I find it weird.

Another attraction of this cafe is well, the mugshot that you can take here. There's a few boards lying around with chalks and duster/piece of rag provided to write whatever you want on the Mugshot letter board. Hence the name, Mugshot Cafe. But I like the surrounding here more than this particular attraction, even without it, this cafe would still be awesome. It really is a nice place to chill out and enjoy some tasty but cheap bagels with coffee. Afternoon delight~ (I believe afternoon delight means something kinky, but oh well. If it fits, I sit. Shit I made it sounds even worse. wtf. Don't yellow mind please.)

Here I am and I'm truly innocent. *pukes*

I think the thing that shocks me more is how short I am. ONLY 5 FEET TALL? Unacceptable! Whatever, I'm still in denial, let me be. Happily ignorant. :D

My stupid sis. lol! 

And Grace. LOL! 

Want some? Make sure to stopped by when you're in Penang! 

That's it. Till next time. :D

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