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Merdeka Palace Ramadhan Buffet 2015

Looking for a place to gorge yourself recently? Well, look no further as Merdeka Palace Hotel is hosting their annual Ramadhan Buffet Dinner starting from 18th June to 16th July. Thanks to a fellow blogger, I got the chance to experience this buffet dinner and honestly I can't remember the last time I went for a buffet in a hotel. So this is mucho appreciated. :) It's kinda embarassing, I'm not the one who's fasting but I ate a whole lot more than my friend that's fasting. What can I say, fooooood~

This buffet is well known for their signature Spit Roasted Whole Lamb and a wide variety if gastronomic delight is offered as well. Besides that, the hotel's culinary team presents more than 100 varieties of food from local favourites such as Umai, Bubur Pedas, Ayam Masak Merah Madu to international specialties such as Pizzas and Pasta. Enough words, let's look at pictures! (That's what I do when I'm blog surfing. XD)

The buffet starts from 6PM to 930PM (daily)

The price for an Adult is RM78 nett, 
50% Off for children aged between 4 to 12 years old
for senior citizen aged 60 years and above its also 50% Off.

For reservations, please call 082-258000 ext 8061 (Aurora Court)

For more information visit their website or their Facebook page

 I've always love looking at hotel's lobby, especially in fancy hotels. lol

Let's start off with something simple first,


The first thing you will see when you walk in the buffet dining area is this Teh Tarik Counter. Pulled Milk Tea (so fancy the name) as its known internationally but here in Malaysia, it's just Teh Tarik. Haha! Each glass is made fresh in front of you and sadly they don't have Teh Tarik Peng (I just asked jokingly), but you could request for some ice if you want to. Yay.

 Shy shy la them. LOL

Variety of drinks.

From left to right, Air Bandung (combination of rose syrup and evaporated milk drink), Soya Milk, Air Sirap (Rose Cordial Drink), and Sugar Cane. There's also plain water provided and as usual coffee and teas. Anyway, can't go wrong with the old pink coloured Air Bandung. Delicious~


Aside the food that has already been prepared back scene in the kitchen, there will be food which will be freshly prepared right in front of the guests, which is interesting and in a way entertaining too. Eating food that is freshly made and prepared and the fact that you can see how they make it, makes the food taste so much better. Well for me anyway. It's just so fun watching people cooking and after that EAT IT. Muahahhaa! Some of the food that will be prepared in front of the guests are Sarawak Laksa, Lok Lok, Roti Jala and Roti John (a kind of sandwich).

 Their signature Spit Roasted Whole Lamb

I'm not keen on lamb meat so I didn't really eat this but according to my friend who I also forced to eat my portion of lamb (kidding, I where got so evil), it's really tender and delicious. The lamb is made to red to my liking. I like my meat well done, I know I know, only noobs eats meat well done. But it's just the way I like it. haha

Nasi Bukhari

 Grilled squids and other meats. Those are well done, me likey. :D

 Roti Jala and Roti John being made. Friendly chef too. 

The Roti John is good, full of fillings and it's definitely one of the best I've had in a long time.

 Nasi Kerabu and all its accompaniments. So colourful la the Nasi Kerabu. It pleases my eyes. lol

 Sotong Kangkong station. Also prepared fresh in front of you.There should be a train station called sotong kangkong station. That would be awesome. lol

Well, he blanched the kangkong (water spinach) and sotong and you can assembled your own dish with the variety of ingredients provided below. It's fun no? 

Things you can put in your sotong kangkong dish or rojak. You can also put it in your ice cream. No judging here. I bet it's delicious with ice cream. XD!

And there's also a DIY counters where you can make your own ais kacang, rojak and as stated above, sotong kangkong. I like this DIY counters, make the dining experience more unique as well as fun. 


 Lok Lok. You can have it boiled or fried. NOT a DIY counter. lol 

I thought it was a DIY counter at first because there's no chef around when I went to the counter and there's like a pot of boiling water and a pot of hot oil and I'm like, they let the guest fried their own food? Cool! But turns out the chef fried it for you. Which is a good thing. Probably dangerous too, if you let people like me do it. Yikes.

 A wide array of ulam-ulaman offered.

I love love love the umai or also known as ceviches. So good~ Can't get enough of it.

 The worst picture that I took of the night. It's pizzas if you can't tell. 

Their pizza is really good. Thin crust with lots of toppings and generous amount of cheese added. There's 3 kinds of pizza and they're all veggie pizza I think. One of it is a spicy pizza and its damn spicy but spicy in a good way. lol! I ate this the most that night because I love pizzas~


 Salads counter. 

 Pasta Counter

There's 3 kinds of pasta offered and also 3 kinds of sauces, they are Carbonara, Bolognaise and Napolitana. Just choose the pasta and sauces that you want and the chef would heat it up for you. 


The best part of buffet, desserts! The first thing I looked at when I go to any buffet is the the desserts counters. Looking at all those colourful desserts just makes me happy. Although I'm not a sweet tooth, I just like looking at it, haha! There's sweet Tunisian dates (yusuf taiyoob~~), local kuehs, cakes, cookies and pies offered. Mmmmm~~ I honestly don't know what I was doing there that night, like I didn't even tasted any cakes. Just a slice of pie and ice cream. Which was delicious of course. But while I'm sitting here looking at the pictures that I've taken that night, I was like how come I didn't eat that?! Ugh, lame and kinda idiotic of me. :S

 Some kind of Mango cheesecake. 

And it's made using fresh mango puree and just look at that colour! Beautiful! And I didn't eat it,wtf. Scumbag stomach.

 Dates and raisins pie I think. This one is quite good, the crust is so buttery and delicious.

And last but not least, the ice cream. I've had two bowls of this. Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream, so gooood~~ My favourite. And apparently their ice cream is homemade as well which is another thumbs up. I like the fact that it's not too sweet. Yums. I'm gonna get a bucket of mint chocolate chip ice cream right after I finished this post. XD!

 Heavenly with some almonds.

And this is us. Thanks again Irene for this opportunity. :)

That's it, what you waiting for? Go and eat yourself silly at Merdeka Palace Ramadhan's Buffet. lol

Till next time! :D

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