Thursday, July 2, 2015

Brother's Wedding Ceremony and Reception Day

My brother, Henry finally got hitched to his fiancee, correction, WIFE on 9th of June this year. Super happy and stoked for them of course. Big events needs to be jot down so here it is, 3 weeks plus later and I finally wrote it! Eat that procrastination! I have to say, it's a huge upgrade from my other draft, which is backdated by years. Whatever, better be late than never, that's my motto. haha!

A little something about the wedding, they wanted to have a simple but meaningful wedding as in the trend today which I totally agree with. Simple wedding means more money to spend for honeymoon (oh yeah!). No that I'm excited for the honeymoon, I'm not going anyway. duh. But I like the trend, less hassle and less money spent for wedding. So instead of the normal night dinner at some restaurant, they went with a lunch buffet at a charming and beautiful place called Basaga Holiday Residences. 

On the day before the wedding, all of the sisters (something similar to bridesmaid) went to have a bachelorette party or in another word, 'Hens Night' at The Junk. It was pretty eventful and fun which consequently leads to the situation below.


Nah, I kid! I don't really drink and getting drunk is definitely not what I aimed to do that night. Getting the sister in law drunk on the other hand is the goal. haha! It is a fun night, lots of laughter and silly shennanigans happened which I don't think is appropriate to mentioned here. But I'm sure all Hens Party is similar and what's the proper word for it....hmm...kinky? Yeah, it's a cocky night, cough I mean kinky!

On the day of the wedding itself, my sis and I head to the bride's house because in a way we are also part of the bridesmaid and we need to help prepare stuff for the, I don't know what's the official name for it but I called it the Teasing Session. It's traditional for the bridesmaid to tease the groom and his best men aka brothers in a series of usually disgusting and degrading games when they arrive to pick the bride back to the groom's house. And also collecting lots of angpows in the process in the event the groom can't complete the challenge that they set up. Angpows YAY!

And these girls are really good in coming up with ideas of disgusting games let me tell you. Being the best men is tough. Yikes. Poor guys. Oh well.

 They are cracking eggs but unfortunately it's not for makings of omelettes. 

They are actually making a beverage called 'Ew Yuck', that's what I called it anyway. Guinness Stout and a raw egg? Ew yuck. But come to think of it, it's pretty healthy actually. Hmm.

 Dark beer and a raw egg in a cup. Yums.

And this is only one of the hurdles the guys have to get through. Fun.

 Waiting patiently for the groom and his merry men to arrive so the torture session can begin.

 And they're here!

Before the games started, there were already some mistake made. The bridesmaid forgot to lock the outside gate and basically if they get in the torture session would be cut short, we wouldn't want that, hence some of them hold onto the gates and the others scrambled to look for a padlock. It's pretty funny I  gotta say. haha. They managed to lock it. Good job. :D

 Holding on the door trying to padlocked it.

 Watching from another padlocked door.

And the games started, first they gave them the gross concoction that they made earlier and made them drink it all, which they all managed to gulped down pretty easily. And then they gave them some kind of fruits which is supposedly very sour and ask them to eat it. Which they ate and some threw the fruit back in the house, which is a very ape-ly behaviour but boys will be boys I guess, 

 Groom and his brothers

After a while, they finally just gave a generous amount of angpows to the bridesmaid so that they can get through the gate. 

 Proof of angpows collected. lol

 Away from the heat outside but there's still more games to play.

Lazy wanna explain all the games but let's just say there's some bananas involved and some hairs being plucked out. It's a tough job being the best men but they're suppose to do anything to help the groom get to the bride so....and they did their jobs. lol

 ??? Apa ini

By the time they got in the bride's house, my sis and I have to left as we have to pick up our aunty and mom and head on to my brother's house to get ready for the tea ceremony. We got there ahead and just hang around and wait for the groom and bride to arrive.

 The bed and all the goodies.


 Jacob and JJ! My "nephews". haha!

After awhile they arrived and the tea ceremony began. Basically the couple will serve teas to the parents, aunties and uncles and all the elders. And after they drink the teas, gifts in the form of angpows (red packet) or jewellery would be given to the couple as a token of well wishes. After this, the bride and groom will give red packets to the younger siblings and cousins who serve them tea.

 Serving teas to Mom and Dad.

 Me and my sis serving the bride and groom teas. 

I always look weird in pictures,sigh. On the bright side, I got angpows. Yay~  And after that some photo taking session.

 My family. :)

 Another family picture. 

 Bridesmaid and best men. Taken by YH Photography.

Then it's time to head to the wedding reception or wedding lunch buffet at Basaga. It rained heavily for awhile which is a pain in the ass but luckily during the lunch it was all sunny again and in a way it's good that it rained because it cools down the hot weather and it was a pleasant lunch buffet, me likey.

Haha Henry look like a monkey here! XD He's gonna kill me if he read this. Luckily he never reads my blog. Kinda sad really. lol 

Waiting to eat~ lol

The lunch buffet went awesomely with performance like belly dancing and musical performance by the kids to entertain the guests. The food was good and all in all, simple but good wedding reception. As usual, the wedding toast  'yam seng' (is yam seng a wedding toast or cheer? Not sure. *shrugs*) is the norm and getting the wedding couple drunk seems to be the goal of the day. Normal wedding stuff la.

The jelly cake. Looks pretty awesome.

And basically this is what I did during the wedding: 

Take a normal picture....

and then take an abnormal picture. #flowerbitch

Take pictures with my beloved aunty. 

She's my babysitter and one of the most important/respected person in my life. Yes I'm 'sleeping'. Who took this picture??! Just kidding. XD

Take pictures of my sis with her friends. She force me. :( Again, kidding. Glad to do it. haha

EAT. Mmmm

Yes, I did nothing in the event and barely socialize with the guest. HAHAHA! I'm not good in making small talks, what can I say. So I just stuff my mouth and take goofy pictures with my sis. XD

Congratulations Henry and Shriver! May both of you have a happy married life filled with joy and happiness! 

P/s Nephew/Niece ASAP please! Not joking. ;P  HAHA!


  1. Congratulations to your family :)

  2. Congratulations for the bride & groom! Congratulations to both sides of the family too!
    My oh my...Lindy in pink dress! Looks totally different, but you seems to enjoy yourself as much too haha.


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