Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Icetube "Fried" Ice Cream at CityOne Megamall, Kuching

The famous "fried" ice cream made popular particularly in Thailand is finally here in Kuching! I remember watching the video on how this ice cream was "fried"/made like a year ago (it's viral at the time) and thought to myself that, "I must eat that ice cream one day". The method of preparation is so unique and unusual. Not to be confused with the local fried ice cream where it's really deep fried, this ice cream is "stir-fried" on an ice pan and shaped into rolls of ice cream. It's a nice gimmick I gotta say, entertaining as well. 

Where to Get It?

Icetube Fried Ice Cream located in Cityone Megamall 
Level 2, it's just right beside the middle escalator. 

Don't worry, it's not difficult to find. haha

The Menu

Basically everything is priced at RM6 except the ones that's mixed with fruits, that would be RM7. Simple enough.

I ordered a Green Tea and Almond ice cream and was given a number while the worker prepare the ice cream.

Quite a few people that day

Here's a video that I took and you can see how the ice cream is made. :)

Say NO to vertical video. I know, my bad.

Basically he poured milk or cream that already has been flavoured with green tea (duh, look at the colour) and almonds onto an ice cold pan and just chopped it up while the mixture crystallized, scrape it, made it into a square shape, smoothed it up and roll it up into rolls of ice cream. Which is then serve with some chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles.  Voila! 

It's very very fun to watch I gotta admit. :D

The finished product. 

It's delicious and creamy and green tea-ny. Yummy. 

Have a nice day and till next time! :D

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