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Saigon Fusion Vietnamese Restaurant @ Carpenter Street, Kuching

In my opinion. this is probably one of the best Vietnamese restaurant in Kuching, if not THE BEST. Now I've never tasted real Vietnamese cuisine and by real I mean eating the food in it's own country which is uh...Vietnam. Not saying that Vietnamese restaurant that is not based in Vietnam is not serving authentic Vietnamese food, they are, but its probably gonna taste a little different from the food you're gonna get from it's country of origin. Just like how Malaysian food taste VERY different in Malaysia and out of Malaysia, Char Kueh Tiaw and Nasi Lemak taste very different in other country for example. Well, one day I'll go to Vietnam and eat like there's no tomorrow there, soon I hope and YES, my main purpose in travelling is to eat, aside from checking out the cultures of course, but mainly, EAT! Isn't that the best way to get to know a culture? 

Like many cuisine, Vietnamese cuisine is one of my favourite. Why? Becase it's delicious that's why and I think that Banh Mi is literally the most perfect sandwiches ever created in this world. Yeah MOST PERFECT, screw grammar, sandwiches comes before grammar. XD 

Anyway this restaurant is located in Kuching's Chinatown or in it's other name, Carpenter Street. It's not difficult to find, it's located just near a bar called Drunk Monkey Bar. Believe me, if yo're ever in Carpenter Street, you can't miss this place. A note however, if there's a lot of customer in this restaurant, the service is probably gonna be a little slow because there's lack of manpower. The day we went. our server/waiter/cook is the same guy. So if you're the kind of person who has little patience, just a heads up here. 

Address : 

17T, Bishopgate, 93000 Kuching Sarawak.

For more info check out their Facebook page, HERE.

The view of the restaurant from side. 

How cute is the menu design? :)

Besides dinner, they also served lunch here but the choices for lunch is more limited compared to the dinner's choice. They're open for lunch from 11am - 2pm. Food such as Broken Rice Set, Rice Noodle Set and Beef Pho is some of the examples of food they serve for lunch. 

I've had their Broken Rice with Pork Chop and Egg (RM 10) for lunch and it's pretty good. 

The Dinner Menu. (Again, the illustration is so cute!)

I like the look of their men, I wonder who design it. HAHA! 

We ordered :

Beef Pho ( RM 12 )

Fried Spring Rolls ( RM 16 )

3 Layer Pork Salad (RM 18 )

Grilled Oysters ( RM 6 per pcs)

Mango Sticky Rice (RM 15 )

My sis and her friends.

Cold Wheatgrass Cordial drink would be served free of charge. (Yessss!)

I actually thought it was Pandan (leaves) drink the first time I drank it and slowly learning that it's a wheatgrass drink. And I remember thinking that it's so cool that they served Pandan drink and I bet it's homemade. Yeah, my tastebuds can't be trusted. Although in my defense, pandan leaves and wheatgrass are both some type of grass so it kinda taste the same. No? :) (in denial mode and don't wanna admit wrong/kiasu mode)


If you ordered Beef Pho, there will be a plate that consist of a wedge of lemon, beansprouts, chopped chili and fresh herbs (I believe it's basil) served alongside with a steamy big bowl of pho. 

"Naked" Pho. Haven't added any of the thingy from the other dish into it yet.

Basically it consist of noodles, fresh slices of beef, some raw thinly sliced onion, some scallions and the heavenly beef broth (damn, I'm salivating just thinking of it, you might think it's exaggeration on my part but no. it's because I'm super hungry while writing this).

"Clothed Pho". After adding all of the stuff in it, don't add all the chili though, or spicy die you ah. 

Remember to add the basil in though, the rest of the side garnishes I believe you can leave it out without making much impact to the taste of the dish but of course, it's better to add it all it. It's an ultimate comfort food, it's yummy, beefy and just basically awesome. Try it.  One word : Awesome!

3 Layer Pork Salad

Well marinated and cooked to tender perfection pork served with some sauce, garlic and lettuce. This feel like Korean BBQ for some reason and it's equally good. The pork is a little crispy on the outside but still juicy and tender. This is so so good. Probably marinated with Hoisin sauce, I don;t know. XD All I know is eat and it's good eating.

Grilled Oysters.

You can have it raw as well as stated in the menu. I didn't try this but according to my sister's friend, it's fresh and good. 

Fried Spring Rolls. 

Filled with minced pork, veggies and shrimp and deep fried. Comes with a fish sauce based sauce to dip in. And it's D-E-LICIOUS. I frikking love fried spring rolls so yeah its really good. 

And for dessert we have....

Mango Sticky Rice!!

Honestly, I don't like mango but this dessert made me loves mango. OMG, I guess my favourite food in this restaurant is this dish, Sticky rice served with creamy coconut milk sauce and fresh mango. It's just heavenly when you eat it all together. The sweet and sour of the mango plus the creamy sauce plus the fragrant rice. total YUMS! I strongly recommend ordering this dish when you're there, no regrets man. XD

That's it, this restaurant is definitely my favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Kuching.
Till next time and have a nice day! 

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