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Adventures in Singapore Part 2 : Singapore Zoo

Second part of the Singapore trip that happened about two years ago, talk about procrastination right? It's a norm here in this blog. Well here goes, a little something about me, I love zoo. Like LOOOOVVVEEEE it, well cause I love animals and to be honest, one of my ultimate goals in life is to have a job in the zoological field, a zookeeper for example, or whatever in line with it anyway, I'm not choosy,haha! But for some reason, whenever I told people that my dream job is to be a zookeeper, their first reaction would be "But Why?" and the second reaction would be "Your dream is to clean up animal crap?". And I'll be like -.- .Yeah, well what can I say, I guess it's typical thinking here. Oh well, I'll try to reach that dream one day. It's never too late to be what you wanna be! :D

How to get to Singapore Zoo?
I don't exactly remember how to get there (because it's 2 years ago!! My memory sucks)  but what I DO remember is that it's very easy to get there. Public transport there is damn good one so it's very easy to figure out. 

Click on the link below for all the information:

(If you buy online it's cheaper and there's also the Park Hopper's Special if you're planning to go to River Safari or Night Safari too.)

Somewhere at the bus station. Information everywhere so you won't get lost. Don't worry. haha

(There's gonna be a lot of pictures ahead with minimal writing so beware. XD)

Reached the zoo around 10 in the morning, very excited and first impression of the zoo was, "WOW". This zoo is amazing, beautiful decors and design and there'a a reason why it's one of (if not) the best zoo in South East Asia or maybe...the world. It's definitely World's Best Rainforest Zoo. We bought our tickets online and we just proceed to the ticketing counter to get in and that's it, easy peasy. The last time I've been to this zoo was when I was 8 years old, and I've always wanted to come back here again. I just like going to zoo, more than I like shopping or any other shennanigans. Just bring me to zoo and I'll be happy! :D 

Tram Ride tickets and the park map.

The tram ride is unlimited which I love because then I can just hop on the tram and circled the park for a few more times before I really really have to leave. And that's exactly what I did. 

First show we catch.

One of the main highights when going to the zoo is to watch the animal shows where the animals perform tricks (humanely, not like the one at circus) and we as human, look at them and be amazed by their abilities and intellects. Cool indeed. Be sure to plan ahead to catch all the animal shows here. 

My elephant leg 

What an art. Painted by one of the elephants. Beautiful *tears*

Ang moh lady with her two kids. 

Elephants performing with their trainers or also known as mahouts. Mahout is a person who rides and train an elephant. Holy shit, how cool is that! I would like to be a mahout, an elephant rider. XD The bond and trust between a mahout and his elephant is amazing. Imagine that, to be able to tame such a huge beast (that's what she said! XD)

Performing tricks 

Spraying water to wake up the 'sleeping' elephant. XD 

My sis and I

The Park Map

The Park Map is free and you can decide to give it back or take it as a souvenir, which I did. HAHA! Zoo Negara however, requires you to pay RM1 to obtain the map of the zoo which I find weird because why don't they just provide the map for free and include the cost of the map in the tickets. Better impression of the zoo that way I guess. Doesn't matter, I love all zoos including Zoo Negara. lol But I have to be honest, in terms of quality of the zoo, Singapore Zoo is way ahead. Not knocking my own country's zoo, it's just the fact. Or if you would like to be more environmentally friendly, you can download the park map at their website.

Ah Meng, the zoo's most iconic orang utan.

Another shows, this is the Rainforest Fights Back Show. Educational.

After watching the shows, we went for the tram rides and just basically walk around the zoo. Unlike most zoo, the enclosures in this zoo is different, you won't see cages or any of those crap around. Some of the animals even roam freely and lucky you if you spotted it. And this is why it's the best zoo I've been to, the animals here all look well fed and taken care of and happy which is the most important thing. Happy animals = happy guests.

Elephants taking a walk with their trainer.

"Just hanging around". Funny gibbon.

Informative signboard everywhere. Oh..so that's why otters smell so bad. But apparently those smell is like perfume to them, so I've read.

Squirrel gorging on food shamelessly. 

What is that?? Some kind of lemurs. Not the " I like to move it move it" kind.

I'm not kidding when I say some of the animals here roam freely around. Isn't that awesome? Jst don;t let lions or crocodile roam freely enough liow. But how awesome would that be if lions can roam freely in a zoo? HAHA!

My dad not amused. XD!


Plenty of places to dine around here and lot's of choices too. Just be sure to bring your wallet case the truth is the food there ain't exactly cheap. And for a Malaysian tourist like us, when the currency is converted, want to pengsan when look at the price or rather just not eat while at the zoo and proceed to eat like there's no tomorrow after the zoo. But I cannot NOT eat. Wait double negative, so does that mean I CAN eat? Whatever, math is not my forte anyway. So, since I don't KFC for personal principle reason and it's the cheapest food around which my family decided to eat for lunch, I have to venture to other stall for MY lunch and this stall happened to be Inuka Cafe. Reasonable price for some food. 

Ah Meng Restaraunt 


After lunch, back to roaming around the zoo! But first, we stopped by the souvenir/gift shop. Lots of goodies in there from the typical plush toys to shirts to stationaries and stuff. I didn't buy anything because I'm too cheap  too old for this stuff already and besides, pictures is the best form of souvenir in my opinion. Right?  And also I wanna buy other stuff in Singapore, that's the main reason and the truth.

Full of awesome goodies!

Random pic

Another primate around the zoo. 

Sang Kancil aka Mousedeer and they're so tiny! Those cute little legs.

Freshwater Crocodile also known as Malayan Gharial

It's also known as false gharial, no idea why. Google it.


Even the washroom at the zoo impressed me, so clean and so beautiful. 


Toilet selfie! 

Monkeys and their cage-less exhibit. Hundred thumbs up.

Very cute design. 

Paintbrush tailed monkey eating fruits.

Okay, I just made that up but doesn't that monkey's tail look like a paintbrush? So pretty man. It's a black and white Colobus monkey, and it's beautiful and it makes me wonder what a beautiful world we live in everytime I saw a magnificent creature like this. 

Le dad at the zoo.

Le bitch lol!

Cool direction board.

Somewhere at the Great Rift Valley Of Ethiopia.

Funny looking rodents. HAHA!

Giant Tortoise

Messing around with the statues, just cause. 

And then we saw this, 

Who is that pokemon?? It's Mankey! 

Nah, I wish. Its Hamadryas Baboon and there's a lot of them in their enclosures. They even have a waterfall of their own in their exhibit, lucky baboons. And also red ass. Ahahahha!

Grooming. I also do that, but to my dogs. But I don't eat the ticks just to clarify XD


Some kind of pretty bird.


Pygmy Hippopotamus

White Tiger

A little section that explains why it is important to protect the tigers

When the buying stops, the killing stops. I believe that phrase with all my heart and it's very important for people to know these things and human is the greatest threat to all wildlife out there not just tigers. I guess little steps goes a long way, why not start by stop eating shark fins first? I did and I constantly got ridiculed by my older relatives but who cares what they think right? Do what is right, not do what people think you should do. Besides, shark fin has no nutritional values anyway, it's just what it represents by eating it. "Oh I eat shark fin, look at me, look at what I'm eating." Pshh, spare me.

Red River Hogs

Malayan Tapir! One of my favourite animal. Just look at it, it's so weird and...fascinating.

Cute little story on how the tapir got its black and white pattern. Look at the rats.haha

And also one of my fav, otters. Is there anything cuter than otters?

Polar Bear. 

No idea why I took a pic from so far away. Sometimes when I look back at all the pictures that I took I always wondered why did I not take a better shot of the thing? It's so annoying and frustrating but I keep doing it over and over again. Ugh. 

Wolverines. How cute. I was expecting the X-Men Wolverine. Mmmm...kidding.

Selfie with the polar bear.

Hahaha! Look at the bear's face. This is a better angle.

Orang Utan

Some cute little primate sleeping....awww. How cute.

Again giant tortoises. 


Naked Mole Rat

They're so cute and so tiny! These creatures are so bizarre and also beautiful in the
their own way. And yes they're naked. haha! Live underground what, have no use for furs, so naked la. Who's to see anyway. XD

This is their face, not the most cute creature, but cute for me. :)


Meerkats aka Timon

Warthog aka Pumba

And they're placed next to each other. I see what you did there Singapore Zoo. :)


White Rhinoceros 

Chimpanzee. Planet of the Apes anyone?

Then we reached a little place called Rainforest Kidzworld and being a kid at heart, in we go! It's basically a place where you can pet the animals and in a way it's the first time I've petted a horse, I've always wondered how they feel like. And all I can say is they feel like petting a shortcoated dog. Exactly like that, as I've told my sister, it feels like petting one of my dog Juno. Pretty similar. Very cool.


Little pony

Goats and lots of them. 

Baby goats. 

Somewhere nearby is a place called Garden With A View (the name can't get any clearer than that), and it's exactly what it is, a garden with a view. Ah Meng the Orang Utan's Memorial is also located here and we have to take a picture with Singapore Zoo's or Singapore's most beloved orang utan. 

What a view.

Ah Meng Memorial 

African Penguins

Go my mighty Walrus! Or male Sea Lion!

You can even pet a kangaroo here! No need go Australia la, Singapore got already, near near. But anyway, going to Singapore might be the same as going to Australia in the near future due to the currency exchange. Malaysia memang boleh. -.- And also I heard there's Koala in the zoo already, MUST GO SEE!

You look at me, I look at you.

Fooling around at the truck.

What I imagine driving would be like 

In reality it's like this. Get your shit together Lindy.

My dad choking? the kangaroo. Apa ini.

Us and the kangaroo statue.

One last picture before we leave Singapore Zoo

Overall it's an amazing zoo and an awesome experience. I would go back again the second that I have the chance to and after visiting this zoo, there's no wonder why it's one of the best zoo in the world. Must go when visit Singapore I tell you!

Ended the day with a giant delicious cendol. XD

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