Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Merchant's Lane Cafe @ Petaling Street

With a bunch of cafes popping up at Petaling Street since last year, the newest addition to cafe such as The Front Door and Coffee Amo is none but Merchant's Lane. This quaint and cosy hangout place is located right next to Advance Tertiary College (ATC) and yes, there is a college located in Petaling Street. Well, not exactly IN Petaling Street as in Chinatown per se, but somewhere nearby. So tips to find this cafe, if you see this college, you're VERY NEAR the cafe. 

I gotta say this cafe is quite hidden and tucked away, heck, I study at this college and I've never even heard or knew about this place until my friend told me. Apparently, the shophouse which is where the cafe now used to be a brothel, well, almost the whole stretch of shophouses leading to this cafe are brothels anyway so the facts is not that surprising to be honest. Haha! 

 If you see this place you're on the right track, it's that building next to the college. Above the stationaries shop.

You couldn't missed the place because it has a very strikingly coloured door. It's a Teal? Turquoise? Aqua? door, well screw it, it's a blue-green door. With a very obvious sign saying Merchant's Lane on top of it. If you missed this then I don't know how to help liow. Nothing could be more obvious than this unless you're at a wrong block of shophouse! LOL!

 Here's a picture of the door.

 Some useful information for you guys.

 Red coloured stairs and wall leading up to the cafe. If I didn't know this is a cafe I would be scared to walk up. 

 Cool looking counter where you have to order the food and drinks from. Not from the counter, from whoever is working behind the counter,silly. XD

 Cosy and rustic decor especially with the rattan chairs and the natural and worn looking wall. 

The area inside is surprisingly really spacious. You wouldn't thought about it looking from outside but there's an area that's kinda like outdoor-ish as well. The area is also well lit by natural lights so it's the perfect place to take pictures if that's your thing. Who are we kidding? It's everybody's thing! Take that picture with the beautiful wall there and upload it into Instagram now! That said, it is a very cool place to hangout and have a cup of coffee and just chill.

 More 'old' furnitures

 Here's the pretty wall. And it's only one wall, there's bunch more there. 

There's one area with the root thingy that's pretty awesome looking I gotta say but I didn't take picture of that area cause somebody was sitting there and taking pictures. If I take their pictures as well they would surely think "Whoa what a creep", so yeah that's the reason why I don't want to. Or am I thinking too much? Meh, whatever. Let's get on with the food.

I was late like 15 minutes meeting my friend at the cafe and by the time I reached she had already finished her Iced Chocolate so I didn't get a picture of that as well.... :)  I'm not late,she's early! haha!

Here's the menu. 
(This might have been updated already, it has been a couple of months since I've been to that cafe. Yes I'm a very efficient procrastinator.)

 Iced Long Black - RM 9 

This coffee is damn strong man, whoa. Lesson learned, never ever drink black coffee at 6pm. I couldn't sleep till about 4 in the morning after drinking this. Or perhaps it has been awhile since I had a Kopi O. OMG. That said, the coffee is pretty good, a tad bit sourish for my taste. From what I remembered anyway.

We also decided to share a meal since we're here already and...okay la, we're lazy to walk to get food elsewhere so we just eat here before our class start. We ordered a breakfast platter named 'Eat Die Me', a pretty catchy name. Their menu are mostly Asian-inspired and/or fusion types of food. If you like brunch food, this place might interest you.

 Eat die me. No I'm not talking about the name of the food. - RM26

Who am I kidding, this is just appetizers for me. No la, I'm kidding, how can I, myself, eat so much food? No way, not me, no no no. (jaga image) And also I think this was meant to be shared among 2 people, if you don't eat much like me also. XD 

Jokes aside, this was really delicious. As you can see from the picture, there's two beef sausage, two pieces of toast with scrambled eggs on top, some sauteed mushroom and cherry tomatoes on the side, a saucer of creamed corn and the most delicious and crispy hashbrown ever, omg drooling. I love me some good hashbrowns. Mmmmm delicious fluffy potatoes~

So that's it, if you like cafe and hunting for a good one, this is the place you can go. Beside that, there's also a car park located just right opposite this cafe. Convenient for those who drive. For those who doesn't drive, the nearest public transportation to use to reach this cafe (that I know of) is by Maharajalela Station monorail. Just a short distance walk. Or you could just use taxi or Uber I guess. haha! 

Bon appetit!

UPDATE (21.11.2015)

Hot Mocha (left) RM13 and Caramel Latte (right) RM13.

The Hot Mocha is delicious as f***. Just perfect during rainy days. And how cute is the Caramel Latte cup? 

Chef's Bucket - RM15 (Fried Brinjal, Chicken Tenders and Onion Rings)

All slathered in mayonnaise and cheese sauce and sprinkled generously with sesame seeds and parsley. Fried food goodness. (not in the menu though, chef's special perhaps)

Till next time! 

Address : 150, Jalan Petaling
          Kuala Lumpur,

Facebook : Merchant's Lane

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  1. Tabik you! Really quite hidden wor....I won;t know it's there till you highlighted. LOL


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