Monday, January 11, 2016

BCCK Christmas Buffet 2015's not a good one. 

Not for the price we've paid anyway. For RM79 per head, I expected better. Well, you can say I complain too much but it's just how I felt anyway. Whatever happen to them? The last time I went to the buffet which was 3 years so, it was frikkin awesome. My family and I don't do buffet often, however for this year's....well last year's Christmas (it is 2016 now), we decided to do something special and to the buffet we went. I suggested BCCK buffet because from what I've experience 3 years ago, it was a great buffet with widespread of selection to choose from. Why did I say the buffet is bad? It will all be explained later. Again, not to give a bad name to BCCK, I'm just stating what I've experienced that night. 

So my family and I, 3 of us, went to the buffet at 23rd of December 2015. Cause we figured 24th would be crowded so we just decided to went a day earlier. Not gonna lie, I was pretty excited to go to this buffet and gorge on everything  because I haven't been to any buffet in a while, the last buffet I went was Jogoya's and that's like one and a half years ago. Hence my excitement. Also, it's Christmas, what better time to have buffet right, I mean not gonna cook those turkey myself, no way. Probably gonna screw up the whole bird in the process, no gonna leave it at the hands of a well trained chef. Gonna stop my blabbering now.

We got to BCCK, huge parking by the way, walked to the restaurant which is The Raintree Restaurant and they brought us to our table. Everything is fine and awesome. Then we started to look at the buffet dishes (mind you, I went here with the expectation to see like LOTS OF FOOD that's stated would be served in their Facebook's page. Food such as Beef Wellington and Yorkshire pudding and Chili Crab...I know odd stuff to eat chili crab at a Christmas buffet but whatever, I WANT SOME CHILI CRAB or atleast see some) I don't know, maybe it's a alternate days different food thing but what I wanted is not there. :( Atleast they have turkey, that's a good thing. Man I was so excited to eat some beef wellington and yorkshire pudding. Hampus harapan.

Seafood on ice. 

I know everyone loves seafood, I do too but boiled seafood on ice is just not my thing. If it's 'hot' seafood I probably wouldn't be so bummed. But this is in their advertisement on what would be served so I expected this. Not looking forward, but expected. Kuching people loves their prawns.

The dishes served. 

If you can see it, that's actually baked cauliflower in white sauce and I gotta say that's one of my favourite dish that night. But I want some MEAT when I go to a buffet. Who eats salads when they're at buffet anyway?? XD I gotta get my money worth man. Well vegetarians is exempted. :) 

First round. 

I took some roasted turkey, a dinner roll, brussels sprout, grilled lamb chop and Irish beef stew. Out of those the Irish Beef Stew is the best. Yum yum. The turkey is actually pretty dry but I still went back for a couple or servings after anyway. No gravy was offered though, just barbeque sauce and a very water-y cranberry sauce. 

Aside from that there were some fish which I'm not interested in and yeah, what you saw up there is basically what was offered, the main dishes anyway. There's also soup, two different kinds of bread, salads, some teeny tiny appetizers and yeah.. that's about it. Then there were the carving station where I got the turkey from.....some pasta and then we arrived at the dessert table. 

I see this.... 

And then I see this.....hmmmm. 

I thought marinara was a tomato based sauce. This looks...creamy. Granted there's seafood in it but I don't think marinara suppose to look like this but meh, it still taste good, Typical pasta in cream sauce. Nothing to shout about.

The Dessert Station

I think BCCK focuses more on their dessert instead of their main meals. There's actually a lot of choices for the sweet tooths out there and EVERYTHING IS SWEET TO THE MAX. There's chocolate fountain, cakes, cookies, jellies, etc etc. I'm not a huge fan of sweet stuff so I'm like meh. I prefer savoury stuff more, saltttttttt~


Yule Log cake. Nice to see, taste just like any other sponge cakes out there. But at least it's nice to see and helps to improve the Christmas-y feeling too.

This is what I got. Some flan or egg custard thingy, a slice of the log cake, and chocolate covered dried apricots and marshmallows. 

Which bring me to another dissatisfaction, who served dried apricots as the ONLY choice to be smothered in chocolate at the chocolate fountain?? Who is the maniac?! Like come on la, I'm eating chocolates, even if wanna save cost put some fresh fruits there ba, if marshmallows is too expensive to be served. Ughhhh. Some strawberries would be awesome, a whole marshmallow stick would be awesome, pretzel sticks would be awesome (I wish) but honestly dried apricots is not a good idea. Like I even saw some kids taking out the apricots and replacing it with marshmallows from the other sticks. Basically instead of 2 dried apricots and 1 marshmallow on a stick, they threw the apricots away and make it into a 3 marshmallow a stick thingy. SMART KIDS. I envy them so much. I wanted to do it but I'm like nah, I'm an adult, but in the end I caved in and just get a spoon and a small bowl and scoop the chocolate into the bowl and eat it just like that. YUMS. If it makes you happy, do it. 

The Drinks Station

The only beverage they served is 'Air Sirap' and coffee and tea at a station,oh and not to forget plain water too, placed outside the buffet area. I don't really care but seriously, that's the only choice of beverage? Not even some apple juice or orange juice? Or even Coke? Is it me that's complaining too much or this is too simple to offer for a buffet? I don't know, it's probably just me.

Air sirap is good though. 

And here's a snapshot of what would be served at their buffet as posted in their Facebook's page. Pretty misleading I gotta say. Or does 'highlights' here means 'not served everyday, only on certain dates' perhaps. I don't know. Overall a disappointing buffet, compared to 3 years ago where there's a wide variety of food to choose from, waffles, pasta station with a few sauces to choose from, shawarma station (my fav!), cheese platter, a whole salmon, and a lot more. Probably they went all out on 24th December cause its Christmas Eve after all, anyway I don't know. All I know is it's not a good buffet last year and I'll probably try other buffet at a hotel at town the next Christmas.  

I didn't see any of the underline dishes served when I was there. Sigh. 6 out of 11 not served.

There's no reason for me to give them a bad name, I'm only stating what I've experienced on that day. RM 79 per head for a buffet and we went there with the expectation to eat the things that were advertised and upon reaching there finds that none of the thing we wanna eat is actually served, it's pretty disappointing. It's like going to a Coldplay concert but replaced by One Direction instead. That said, 1D does have pretty good song recently, Drag Me Down is pretty good. It's like expecting to get Iphone 6S but get only the box with a stone in there with a note that said 'HAHA! SUCKERS". I'm being dramatic. But yeah, disappointed.

Probably next time they should advertised earlier what they gonna served on the buffet that day as to avoid crap like this to happen again.

Til next time. 

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  1. The desserts too CINCAI already, spoiled all the mood of desserts lover like me~ XD
    Very less choices of main meals, can imagine your disappointment.


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