Monday, January 25, 2016

Man's Best Friend Indeed

Everyone who knows me, (I believe within the first few hours) would know that I'm a huge animal lover. More commonly dogs but whatever, I love every animals out there be it dogs, cats, crocodile, rats, birds, cacing, kids, well basically you get the gist, all kinds of animals. I love animals so much that I despised human on a general basis. It's crazy I know. Don't get me wrong, I do like humans, I just hate humans who doesn't have the common sense to act like a decent human being. Yup that's me. HAHAHA! 

And these little acts happens last Sunday after I finished my lectures. It was raining HEAVILY on that day and it was really difficult to walk back to hostel so my friends and I decided to go and have dinner together before going back. Even going to eat is not a task that's easily done without getting all wet from walking under the heavy rain, even with an umbrella. Oh and the umbrella, thanks to one of our lecturer who was so kind to lend us her umbrella and even offered to drive us home [which we politely declined because it would be an inconvenience for her, the gesture was mush appreciated though. :) ]. Faith in humanity restored. So we managed to go to the dinner place to eat and proceed to talk crap while waiting for the rain to slows down so we can go home. 

It just kept raining heavily till about 9:45 and at about the first sign of it slowing down, I quickly walked back to the hostel. And then suddenly I felt like there's something stepped on  my slippers. So I looked back and I was shocked to see there was a black down trailing me from behind sniffing my jeans. Literally I was like "What the hell?". Not because of the dogs because I've never seen dogs in the city of Kuala Lumpur before, this city is not exactly famous for being animal friendly and especially to animals like dogs if you know what I mean. So yeah I was surprised and happy at the same time. 

And then they started to walk back with me. Like beside me and when I stopped they would stopped too and walk around waiting for me to proceed again. The black one even tried to jump and played with me. Arggghhhh so cute!! DOGS ARE AWESOME CREATURES. So yeah rainy day, late at night and I don't have to walk back to my hostel alone. Awesome indeed. It's little things like this that makes me happy. Plus the facts that I missed my dogs back at home in Kuching so much.

Got back to my hostel, went back up my room to get some crackers for them and luckily they were still around my hostel at the time and that's it. They ate and ran away. Thanks doggies for the walk. haha! I vowed to give them canned dog food when I see them again next time. Until today I've never seen them again. I hope they're safe and sound at the streets of KL which I hope they would be smart enough to stay away from and also from the car packed roads in KL. Hope I will see them again one day. XD And I hope they belonged to someone so they have a home to go back to. Perhaps they do. :)

And this is why I love dogs so much. This little story is not the only reason as to why I love dogs, of course there's a LOT more reason as to why. I just decided to write this just to remember these little event that happened in my life. :) Just a little rambling.

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  1. Get ready some dog biscuits. I dothe same too for cat biscuits. Some owners pandai go holiday but their cats simply put outside the house. Geram


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