Friday, January 15, 2016

Photobook by Photobookmart Malaysia : Small Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover

I declare, that with this photobook, I've successfully made THREE photobooks now! Yeah, I guess it's nothing to brag about but hey, I've nothing in my life worth bragging so far so might as well brag about this right? Kidding. 

Yep, I bought a voucher from GROUPON not long ago (by not long ago I mean last year) which is a voucher for TWO IDENTICAL PHOTOBOOKS for RM 35. Initially I thought I was getting an awesome deal, two photobooks for RM35, hardcover somemore, what a good deal. But right when I wanted to make the photobook, which was as usual, where the deadline is almost near, I read the terms and conditions and realised that it was a voucher for two identical photobooks. I'm like, what the hell am I suppose to do with TWO identical photobooks? So in the end I'm like, meh, can't turn back now, screw it. Two also two la better than none. 

A little info about the Groupon voucher :

1. It's a deal from Photobookmart Malaysia and I've never ordered any from them before, I usually just get the free softcover one from Photobook Malaysia. Yeah, I'm cheap frugal. 

2. It's RM35

3. It's a 8" x 6" Small Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover photobook. 

I finished making the book and submitted my order on 4th December 2015. Received an error message on 7th December 2015, which I had no idea about till 12th December 2015 because there was no email sent to me, I only found out when I logged in to the Photobookmart account. (I think if I never checked I would never get it till today). Send back the security code they needed on the same day and got a reply on 14th December 2015. And I'm going back to Kuching on 14th December 2015 as well and I chose the delivery of the photobooks to Kuala Lumpur at the time. (How would I know they would take this long?) I thought it would be delivered in a week time. But then, no problem, I can get it when I go back to KL in January. 

The order was shipped on 22nd December 2015 and delivered to my place on 28th December 2015. Basically I submitted my order at 4th and only got the photobooks successfully delivered at 28th December 2015, which is about 3 weeks, almost a month. Outrageous. But I can let this go, cause I'm in no hurry to get the photobooks. However, their service as you can tell from now is a bit flawed. 

And Photobookmart Malaysia doesn't exactly has the best reviews compared to other photobooks services out there in Malaysia. I only found out AFTER I've bought the voucher. The lesson is research before buy anything. But meh, it's alright, after all it's a deal in Groupon. But we have not reached to the end of the story yet did we? HAHA! 



One of the best feeling in the world, receiving something in parcel form.

This is what's inside the parcel. 

This is how it was packaged. 

When I opened it, there's only ONE photobook in there while I'm supposed to be receiving TWO. It was nicely packaged though.

Front cover.

I must say, I really liked it. It looks clean and classy. Not to implied I did a good job myself, I just never expected it would looked better than I thought it would be when I made it. Not bad. The hardcover is awesome too. Think from now on I'll just buy hardcover photobooks. 

Back cover.

Quite nice. 

Not a bad printing job, I really liked it. I have nothing to complained about except their services.

A video I made to show you the books. The music might be a bit loud so if you're wearing earphone beware. 

Then I complained about the fact that I was supposed to be receiving TWO photobooks instead of ONE right after I got the book which was on 7th January 2016. Bla bla bla, some crap in between and the last email I've received from them is on 12th January 2016, which told me to "allow them some time to investigate and revert to you as soon as possible.". Short story is until today which is 15th January 2016, I've received no replies. 

Man....their services really need some improvement. I'll just let it be and see when I'll get the photobook. I don't think I'll order any photobooks from them anymore anytime soon. LOL

That's it. Till next time! Have a nice day. :)


  1. Yup...i have used their service. very fast and efficient

    1. For me no le. So many mistakes. Bad luck maybe. XD

    2. Aiyo...did u complain to them? My friend's punya the color not up to her expectation. She com0lain n they do again for her.

    3. Complain gao gao lo. Until today no news. :/


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