Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Under Armour Has Arrived in Kuching!

Under Armour is a relatively less known sports clothing brand in Malaysia compared to brands like Adidas and Nike which is the preferred choice of Malaysians when it comes to sports/athletic brand. But Under Armour is HUGE in America and its popularity is rising. I've come to know about this brand by watching movies and reality shows like MTV The Challenge where most of their outfits is sponsored by none other than Under Armour. Some of the well known celebrity is also well known for their support of this brand, such as Dwayne Johnson or more commonly known as The Rock, infact he's recently been signed as one of Under Armour's endorser. If you've watched Furious 7 then you've seen this brand. haha! Other than that their product have also been featured in Avengers and Captain America series. 

Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank who was a former team captain of a football team and like most success entrepreneur stories out there, it has a humble beginning and products designed and created to solve an existing problem and in this case, he just got sick of the need to keep changing his sweat-soaked shirt and went on to developed a shirt that wicked moisture and keep athletes cool and dry. This trend of moisture wicking apparel was soon followed by major brands such as Adidas and Nike. 

Okay, history aside, I LOVE this brand, and no I'm not paid to said that and yes, I'm super unfit and I literally never exercised. But as a big fan of the show MTV Challenge and constantly seeing this brand in that show, I ALSO WANT TO GET MY HANDS ON UNDER ARMOUR PRODUCTS. (Proves that product placement indeed Particularly their shoes. I just like their brand more than Adidas and Nike, like the word Under Armour is so......nice. XD Lousy argument to love their brand but it's the truth from me. HAHA! Their outlets in KL has only been opened for about a year and I'm shocked that it reached Kuching market so fast. Like Nando's has been in KL for years and only now it opened a shop in Kuching. And we went all mad for it of course, I don't even eat Nando's in KL but I ate it like 4 times in Kuching, apa ini. :)

I went to the Under Armour Kuching Press Conference last month which is to launch their Shop-in-Shop collaboration with LEA Group of Companies. This means that Under Armour won't have their stand alone shop like the one in KL but it's a collaboration with LEA Group to sell their products in their shop. The press conference also includes the signing ceremony with TheGymBox and Phoenix Gym. Both well known independent gyms in Kuching. 

(Go get your Under Armour products there! No need go KL buy already. Believe me, I've checked, the price and the products is the same)

Presentation by Michael Binger, CEO of Triple. 

Followed by a presentation by CEO of LEA Group of Companies.

Raymond Sim.

And then followed by signing ceremony between UA and Lea as well as UA and the gyms.

The four main people in the signing ceremony. (sorry for my shitty camera skills)
To the far left is GymBox CEO while to the far right is Phoenix Gym CEO.

With all the representatives from both gyms.

A better picture from Garner. Thanks Garner. 

Sarawak Bloggers talking to Michael Binger.

Then we went to the store to take a look as well as snap some pics (in my case shitty pics) and also to 'try try' their products. HAHA!

All those running shoes. 

The clothing. Lots of choice for men as well as women.

The look of the store at Sarawak Plaza. 

Sarawak Bloggers with a Michael Binger.

What are you waiting for? If you're a big fan of Under Armour, there's finally a shop in Kuching and I truly believes their product will be the next big brand in the sports clothing brand. Not that they're not big now but compared to Adidas, Nike and Reebok, they're still not that known in Malaysia. Anyway, I'm no athlete, I just like their products and their motto 'I WILL'. I WILL WRITE MORE POST AND FREQUENTLY (yeah right. haha!)

A wefie of us at the store.

That's it. See ya next time! :D


  1. i will too... do blog walking frequently....


  2. Good job for introduced such nice brand to me, honestly I never get to know this brand until you told me!


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